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With a supportive and collaborative style, I work with teens, young adults, couples and families navigating the challenges in communication and connection.

Picture of Stephanie Rudolph, LMFT

My approach to therapy

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I was told once that we go through life mis-seeing, mis-hearing and misunderstanding so that the stories we tell ourselves add up. In challenging times, from parenting, to relationship disagreements, to navigating through adolescence and young adulthood, our stories have the best chance of changing to be the story we want to move forward with because we are most aware of the negative outcomes of how that narrative speaks to us. My goal as part of your support system, is to help you find the story that empowers you and then to help teach you the skills necessary to make that story stick. Through a variety of methods that include cognitive behavior techniques, art, and simple narration conversations, we will work together to make your story one that leads you down a path of emotional success and personal fulfillment.

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