No, is a complete sentence

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

“No” is a hard word for many of us. We learn from an early age that it’s important to be agreeable. As we develop, we want to be accommodating and don’t want to come off as being mean or unkind. Yet sometimes, being agreeable gets us into trouble because we end up being resentful of what we have agreed to do. Sometimes using the word “no” sets up a clear and appropriate boundary.

It’s important to learn how to say “no”.

If you are thoughtful and self assured of what is comfortable and uncomfortable for you, then “no” is perfectly appropriate to use. And if yes will only lead to resentment, exhaustion, or depletion, then "no" is the only answer. It needs no reasoning or extra information before or after of why or why not.

Because, the simple word “no” is a complete sentence.

The challenge: be thoughtful when responding to someone else’s request, and if it doesn’t feel good for you to say “yes”, then practice saying “no.”

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