Cyberbullying: 3 Things You Can Do to Help Stop It

The national anti-bullying organization, Stomp Out Bullying, defines cyberbullying as use of technology to threaten, humiliate or harass any child up to the age of eighteen. Cyberbullying is harmful and dangerous, and sadly, is on the rise.

Our youth take aim on social media platforms that instantly reach hundreds of peers. When a bullying message is posted, it can’t be completely eliminated because users will snap a picture of it and spread it around by other means.

Kids and adolescents, with no real education on the use of social media, are taking aim at peers who may have offended them, intentionally or not.

3 Things you can do:

1.) Discuss what Cyberbullying is with your kids. Educate them. Without even knowing, it is just as easy to be a bully as to be bullied.

2.) Talk to your kids about their social media use. Regularly ask them to see what they post and how they post it. Some will say “its private.” That’s not a good reason to keep you, as their parent, out of the loop of what is happening in their social media world.

3.) Have a “power off” time for all electronics at the end of the day. It’s important to give kids a break from the constant use of social media. Few have the self regulatory development to do this on their own.

For more thorough information and further reading I encourage you to check out this post on Stomp Out Bullying.

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